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My Journey


Trust, Enthusiasm & Courage are the elements in my life which keep me moving forward.  If I am with you, you can count on me.

Professionally you may find me as;

Administration Officer

Recruitment Officer


Facility Manager


Logistics Controller


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But My Passions are;


 Recently I joined for Scuba Diving.  It was my long time ambition. Hopefully I will be into sea by mid June 2014.


Photography (a Canon guy with EOS 6D + 24-105mm + 100mm + 100-400mm lenses + 580EXii) (Click Here to LIKE my Photography Page)


Graphic Designing (PS6 & Lr)


Traveling (the last destination were Jordan in October 2013)


Martial Arts (Black Belt in Shotokan Karate International.  Masters are Farooq Sensai, S Premkumar &, Alavi Shihan – Click here to see our training center)


Please keep in touch with me and follow on my blog 'Blender of M Sadique'.


There is an option to contact me in any of the pages at the bottom line after you ENTER this site. If you are leaving the site without viewing other pages now, please send me your comments / message by clicking HERE.


Thank you for your visit here.

M. Sadique

This is the online world of M. Sadique